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The difference w.e.d.

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File:Mechanical weathering of a cement bollard - 20110501.jpg

Weathering is the breaking down of rocks, soil and minerals as well as artificial materials through contact with the Earth’s atmosphere, biota and waters.

Erosion In earth science, erosion is the action of exogenic processes (such as water flow or wind) which remove soil and rock from one location on the Earth’s crust, then transport it to another location where it is deposited.

Deposition In the law of the United States, a deposition is the out-of-court oral testimony of a witness that is reduced to writing for later use in court or for discovery purposes. It is commonly used in litigation in the United States and Canada, where it is called examination for discovery, and is almost always conducted outside of court by the lawyers themselves (that is, the judge is not present to supervise the examination). In other countries, testimony is usually preserved for future use by way of live testimony in the courtroom, or by way of written affidavit.

Life by Cameron

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I now know how hard life is, not the board game the real deadly thing i’m 13 years old and one of the most hardest things in life is middle school. All the teacher telling you so many ways to solve something as easy as 2+2=4 it’s just so hard. The second most hardest thing is safety to all of us I don’t like politics at all but i’m saying Mr. President Obama is not a good president at all, i’m sorry but I don’t don’t trust you Obama write down below your stressful moment.


Egg sandwich by Cameron

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Hello again everyone.Today we are making a egg sandwich, ok to make a egg sandwich you will need these things

2 eggs

2 bread



ok cook the eggs for a few seconds (30 mins.).Then the ham for 1 minute, put the manse on the bread put the eggs and ham like this(egg, ham, egg, ham).There you are a wonderful sandwich.

Jolly’s Christmas song

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Jolly’s Christmas

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Jolly’s  Christmas is about a boy who is going to have his 14th Christmas and out of no where Santa go’s missing. When it gets closer to Christmas Everyone starts to forget about Santa even him self. When he was working hard to save Santa it was two days till Christmas and arond “12:00” he fell asleep when he woke up he was all tied up ther was six small men one said “this is all your doings” What why,Jolly said.

Flood and Fire (a book report)

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Flood and Fire is a amazing book.   At the start of the book I thought it was in the Pirate times.  When I got to chapter three where Lexy, said”This might be the last computer in the world” then I knew it wasn’t. Every time I read this book it makes my heart go faster then the Earth can spin on its axis.  Since there is  so much good stuff in the story,I can’t help to read more.  When I read this book it makes my brain for work my spelling.Flood and Fire is so good,the story is manly about  a world to save.


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When I do pranks I don’t do pranks to harm people. I do pranks for fun.The way to a good prank is to never mess up,like if you were doing butter fingers you must do it perfect,or the prank will go bad.I mostly do pranks on Halloween but if you want some rill fun,do Mirrors,when you do pranks you need to learn to control yourself,not to go overboard.Now you know how to do a prank you should start off small,like Mirrors. Put mirrors around a sleeping boy/girl you must be sure not to wake up the boy/girl.

The first cookie

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My first cookie
By Cameron

When I had my first cookie it was so magnificent it was crunchy,golden brown ,and it was chocolate chip.When I had it I ate it at my Grandma’s home,if she was in a contest she would later win.My Grandma is the best cook ever you don’t haft to chew they wood melt in your mouth.She made me so joyful,she was so friendly too.When my birthday came she made me a cookie cake.Every time my Grandma makes something good we put it in the Lucky food cook book.The lucky Food cook book is a book inherited from Bray to Bray soon it will be passed down to me and i’ll be ready for it but now I will enjoy my Grand ma’s cookies.

Cameron’s Voki

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